My first Transformer

So my first Transformer was Ratchet.



That’s right, the headless doctor himself. He was a gift from my dad. He was also my favorite character on the show. Despite being surrounded by military types, Ratchet was one of the most respected characters… a gruff no-nonsense doctor. I have pretty much loved all incarnations. Even the movie one (who I own in toy form). Shoot, I even briefly considered getting the TF Prime one since he’s a pretty decent representation of what old school Ratchet looked like.

Still, it was hugely disappointing that Ratchet the toy looked nothing like THIS:


I mean. Ugh.


There was no convincing the other kids that the lame-o toy you see above was anywhere close to the awesome doctor bot on the show.

I understand that Hasbro did eventually release a Ratchet that had the right look (in robot form, any way). But I am really patiently awaiting the day when they releases a new Ratchet based on that fan-created knockoff design that iGear put out some time back. Hey, it worked for Springer. Get on the Ratchet train, Hasbro!

EDIT: Hmmm… I looked back at my old posts on Rooktopia, and one of my first Transformers posts (dated 2007) was also about Ratchet and his daft robo-mode.

The original Ratchet toy was an ugly toy where the robot’s face was literally a sticker affixed on the ambulance seat (back in the day, you had to apply your own Transformers decals). He looked nothing like cartoon ratchet, who I thought was rather cool. However, cartoon Ratchet was a background character; he barely had anything to say despite being the team doctor, and he was offed in the high-bloodshed (er, oilshed?) original Transformers movie. You know, the one with the Weird Al song.

It’s seems I’ll do nothing but complain about G1 Ratchet until THE DAY I DIE.