Posing toys

For some reason, I got into this weird kick of photographing my action figures lately. It started when I decided to put Blitzwing up for sale. He needed some pizzazz on the listing. So I photographed with an image on my Mac a background. I liked the look a lot, as it gave the character a bit of depth of field that no straight up photograph ever would.

Then I thought to myself, “Well, why not photograph all my Transformers in action poses?” It’s a really childlike thing to do, I admit, but my purposes were also purely photography. I wanted to experiment with lighting and composition to make still life come alive. I think that this technique makes the figures look less divorced from the backgrounds (which tend to betray the scale when photographed in realistic settings, I think).

Anyway, judge for yourself! This particular set of photos were taken with an iPhone, whereas previous photos were on a much more capable Canon. The visual depth is not quite so pronounced as when you’re using a zoom lens, but I think the results are decent.

I am posting this gallery up on the WordPress Daily Photo Challenge for Object this week as well. Head over there for some great photo challenges each week … if you dare!