Monthly Archive: February, 2014

From the shadows

I got creative with the lighting on this set… with mixed results. I shot these pictures in the dark, but stood the bots on an iPad at full brightness running the flashlight app.… Continue reading

All Transformers intros

So… watching these Transformers through time has been relevatory. Like… how did Transformers fans not die of collective embarrassment during the 90’s? I know there are Beast Wars fans… but the really terrible… Continue reading

Hun-Gurrr Games

SHOCKWAVE: “The time is nigh to strike at the Autobots, my fellow Decepticons!” CYCLONUS: “As you command, Shockwave.” SKYWARP: “They’ll never know what hit ’em.” HUN-GURRR: “Let’s kick some Autobot tailpipe!” SHOCKWAVE: “Uh,… Continue reading

Seekers unite

The Seekers don’t really get much play in recent Transformers fiction, it seems. I’m guessing that this is a byproduct of the fact that now every Decepticon, it seems, transforms into some sort… Continue reading

Transformers Prime

You know, despite being a crazy Transformers fan, I have never really watched Transformers Prime. It was a Transformers subgenre that I was willing to let slide, that it was just for the… Continue reading

Decisions, decisions…

Man… I saw an Orion Pax at Wal-Mart and Armada Starscream and Generations Skywarp at Fred Meyers. Decisions, decisions… Vangelus makes Orion Pax look like a very solid Transformer. And I already have… Continue reading

Book a stay at the Transformers room

So, yeah, Kotaku reported that a hotel in Japan is running with a Tranformers themed room. Toys, bed sheets, and a Matrix style TV. My opinion? NOT ENOUGH TRANSFORMERS. Seriously, it is so… Continue reading

With apologies to Dr. Smoov

    “Hey, Prime!  It’s me… Bumblebee!” “Bumblebee!  My small little friend.  You look… different.” “Yeah!  I just got totally rebuilt!  I feel better than ever!  I feel like a gold bug!” “Ha… Continue reading

Warpath: The People’s Hero

You ever noticed how Warpath looks like he might what a Transformer would look like if designed by the Soviet propaganda department?  Well… I don’t want to say that this photo set was… Continue reading

Yup, this is definitely on my wishlist

I admit I had some hesitation over Windblade.  Characters being chosen by poll seems like a poor way to sell toys.  (Although, to be fair, that’s what got Sgt. Slaughter on the GI… Continue reading