Dare to be stupid with Wreck-Gar


Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar has been on my wish list for a while now. I had it in my mind to get all the 1986 movie Transformers at some point. Wreck-Gar can now join Kup and Rodimus on that key scene where we’re introduced that that most universal of greetings: “Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong.”


I was in no rush to get him, though, despite my generally positive experiences with the Reveal the Shield line. It has nothing to do with the robot mode, which is an excellent and creative use of the transformation. I mean, I love how his legs are the front of the bike and the seat. I especially love how the exhaust pipe and wheel turn into a Pinwheel of Death. He’s got a great haphazard look that’s perfect with his status as King of the Junk. Both wheels tuck away on on side, he’s rendered in lovely earth tones with splashes of flame decals, and he’s got some wonderfully rounded Popeye fore-arms. Best of all, he’s movie accurate. FAR more movie accurate than the original Wreck-Gar. He’s go that great handlebar moustache, that fashionable goatee, and those gun boobs that the movie animators felt was appropriate to include in an animated movie aimed at kids. Everything fits snugly and he’s super posable.

No, the thing that kept me from picking him up until now what that alt mode. It is my experience that Transformers with motorcycle alt modes are zero fun to transform. The compact form leads to zero leeway, which means the robot has to do some unintuitive acrobatics. With Wreck-Gar, the legs turn into the front end of the bike and the seat respectively, and I have a devil of the time getting them to connect over the torso (which is engine). The guy looks like he’s going to fly apart at any minute.

Overall, though, I’m pretty satisfied. Wreck-Gar is going to stay as a robot for the most part, in any case, spouting snippets of radio ads before movie Bumblebee totally ran that bit into the ground.

Wreck-Gar can also be ridden by other Junkions, just like in the movie. I guess that means I should probably get Junkheap to complete the illusion, but then I remembered, “Oh, yeah! I’ve got movie Arcee! And not the weird one with a wheel for legs!” So how does she look straddling the dirtbike punk that is Wreck-Gar?  (Man that sounds dirty.)


Not bad, actually.  They look pretty badass, actually, especially when Arcee’s got her might crossbow clipped to her forearm.


She and Wreck-Gar could totally be riding the Mojave Desert, visiting remote communities to right the wrongs of the world. And then maybe Wreck-Gar could ride Arcee sometimes?

… no, that would be gross. Who knows where Wreck-Gar’s dirty butt has been. He is from the planet of junk after all.

So that’s it for my 1986 Transformer movie collection for now… until Hasbro manages to put out a Galvatron that’s worth my money, that is.