Your bits are showing, Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow (formerly known by the much cooler “Black Shadow”) is the very definition of a flawed figure that I don’t mind having because he looks great. If you turn his head, it pops off the ball joint. Transform him into a plane, and his entire alt mode is visible underneath. Turn him into robot mode, and his giant wing backpack makes him want to fall over backward from narcolepsy.

But good Lord does he look great in both modes. I love the head sculpt in robot mode. In fact, it was pretty much 100% the reason I got him. Sky Shadow rocks a helmet with two massive horns that look like they were designed by Jack Kirby. And his face is lined with classic G1 angles and creases. If he weren’t featured in the Japan-only Victory series, I imagine this would be one of the most classic Decepticon faces, breaking into the Seeker/Soundwave/Shockwave pantheon. The rest is pretty great too, with the wings folding down like a regal cape.


Jet mode’s pretty great, too. The movie Transformers proved that you can turn F-22s — or F-22 lookalikes — into cool looking robots. (I actually like the controversial “starfish” design. Love or hate the look, movie Starscream probably some of the most memorable moments.) Like I said, the entire alt mode is RIGHT THERE. Sky Shadow’s face, in fact, is hidden only by his obviously flipped up chest plate. It’s almost like a Gobot, that. But Sky Shadow totally rocks the black and red color scheme in jet mode, coming together with a lovely red cockpit. It’s seriously a mode you don’t want to transform back… if his robot mode wasn’t also as equally cool looking.

So yeah, I like this guy… and unlike other jet-based Transformers he can be had for pretty cheap.

Now Hasbro needs to get off their butts and make his pal, Blue Bacchus, as well. I mean, have no idea what that guy is like. But BLUE BACCHUS. With a name like that, how can you not?