Yup, this is definitely on my wishlist

windblade-botI admit I had some hesitation over Windblade.  Characters being chosen by poll seems like a poor way to sell toys.  (Although, to be fair, that’s what got Sgt. Slaughter on the GI Joe roster over William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and he turned out being one of the most well loved characters.)  And creating the character around an idea that spotlights why there aren’t any female bots seems like a powder keg waiting to explode.  Plus they may as well have Poochie’d her.  Not content with being a fanmade character and an all new lady bot, they made her leader of the ladybots to boot.  Oh, Windblade, is there something you can’t do?

That said… just look at her!  All kabuki makeup with a righteous energon sword and all the right proportions.  And rocket heels!  Thrust’s VTOL wings!   A VTOL on the sword?  Dear God, she’s beautiful.  I admit having a weakness of designs inspired by Japanese history.  I even love Drift, who fans seem to hate.  One day, I shall have this little lady standing in battlepose alongside Drift while staring down the metal samurai warrior that is Bludgeon.