Seekers unite


The Seekers don’t really get much play in recent Transformers fiction, it seems. I’m guessing that this is a byproduct of the fact that now every Decepticon, it seems, transforms into some sort of flying craft. Soundwave’s a Predator UAV. Megatron’s some sort of spaceship. Shockwave is a flying gun in the video games at least. So who needs a dedicated squad of fighting jets anymore? That doesn’t stop Hasbro from churning these guys out, though, since repainting a popular mold is about the easiest thing ever.

Strangely, I have yet to get any jets in the Classics Seeker mold. I saw Thrust on the shelves not too long ago, and I thought about picking him up. It’s just that… they don’t really excite me. Eventually I guess I’ll have to pick one up but the robot form just looks so stocky. On the other hand, I already have two Seekers in the Cybertronian jet mode that’s part jet, part Tetra-fighter that we saw in the opening scenes of the cartoon. And weirdly, I kinda like how these guys photograph in robot mode. They seem svelte, agile, and they’re full of fun little details. The little cheese grater things where there chest nacelles are located, for example.



So I picked up Skywarp despite the fact that I already had Thundercracker. I’m very well are that the only difference ins the purple plastic, which looks sorta like candy. Chalk one for the Hasbro marketing department, I guess. By the way, the comic package withe Skywarp seems to not actually feature him at all. Rather, it’s the first part of Dark Cybertron. This made me quite appreciated that I quit Transformers comics around the time MTMTE was finishing it’s first season arc. The stories were still new to me, and I didn’t feel ripped off since I never downloaded these issues from Comixology in the first place. Yay, me?

Sadly, I admit I am a bigger fan of Thundercracker’s color scheme than Skywarp.  The purple, black, and gray combo should work in theory, but this Skywarp must have some sort of weird shade.  I’m more of a fan of the darer purples.  Also, the black shoulder nacelles stand out more than they did on Thundercracker.  I kept smoothing them down, thinking, “Surely they weren’t this prominent on Thundercracker, were they?” It turns out that they were… just that the shade of blue (which blends into the blue on his big shoulder spikes) manages to disguise it better.  Sticking black on a bright purple makes it a little difficult to ignore.

In addition, Skywarp’s grey just isn’t as shiny or solid as Thundercracker’s.  Why?  On his own, Skywarp looks fine.  But stand him aside his fellow Seeker Thundercracker and suddenly Thundercracker looks like he’s worth at least $10 more.


Armada Starscream is a different mold, though. I had my misgivings.  He has a weirdly flat looking head (which becomes even more obvious when he’s placed side-by-side with his fellow Seekers), woefully hollow forearms that just don’t photograph well regardless of the poisition, and the energon swords that keep popping apart at the hinge.  At the end of the day, though, I rather like the guy. I mean, this is only the second ever Starscream that I have ever owned. (The first being movie Starscream… which is a mold I rather like. Seriously. I have considered getting DOTM Thundercracker to get one in that cool blue color scheme… and to get one with actual hands.) I rather like the missile launchers that can flip up and fold back. In that position with the wings swept flush sideways, Starscream casts a fearsome silhouette.


He’s almost a different otherworldly being, like the Prometheus alien… or Black Manta from Aquaman.

Overall, I like his broad shoulders and the grim sense of determination on his face.  (Or is it constipation?)  I also like that he looks slightly different from his fellow Seekers.  The guy’s their leader: he should stand out.  One thing that I wish there wasn’t so much of, though, was the orange.  As you can see from the head-on picture, the orange back portion sorta blends in with the rest of the body.  On the one hand, it does make Starscream look wider — otherwise he’d have that slim, anorexic waist cockpit.  However, it does confuse the legs a little.  Do his legs run all the way up to his armpits?  It doesn’t look that great on the side-view, too.  It kinda makes me wish it was black, just to create some visual separation.  I guess I can leave the backpack up, but that means his missile launchers will be whacking the face of the Transformer standing directly behind him on my selves (in this case, the other two Seekers).

But yeah… now the original three Seekers are in new Cybertronian bodies, and they’ve got a lovely spot on my shelves. For the longest time, I had very few Decepticons thanks to the general scarcity of any decent Decepticon toys. Now, with these three, I think the numbers have gotten close to evening up.