Hun-Gurrr Games


SHOCKWAVE: “The time is nigh to strike at the Autobots, my fellow Decepticons!”
CYCLONUS: “As you command, Shockwave.”
SKYWARP: “They’ll never know what hit ’em.”
HUN-GURRR: “Let’s kick some Autobot tailpipe!”


SHOCKWAVE: “Uh, listen, Hun-Gurrr… you might want to sit this one out. There’s a small matter of … your smallness, really. We’d spend the entire time trying not to step on you. You’d just be getting in the way.”
SKYWARP: “Yeah, what are ya gonna do, pipsqueak? Nip their heels? A ha ha ha ha!”


HUN-GURRR: “I may be small…”


HUN-GURRR: “But I can still have an adventure!”

And soon…


HUN-GURRR: “Oh my gosh! Optimus Prime! If I take him down, the other Decepticons will have to respect me! Pchew pchew pchew! Take that, Autobot scum!”


OPTIMUS: “Aw, did you get lost, little guy?”
HUN-GURRR: “No! Aaaaaahhhhh!”


OPTIMUS: “Ouch! My face! Bad Terrorcon! Bad, bad Terrorcon!”

And so that’s how Hun-Gurrr was adopted by Arcee from the Cybertron kennel.


ARCEE: “Hun-Gurrr want to go for walksies? Hun-Gurrr want to go for walksies? Yes you do! Yes you do!”
HUN-GURRR: “Sigh. It’s a living.”

Stray Terrorcons are no laughing matter. Visit your local kennel and share your love with a Terrorcon who needs a home. Will it be yours?