All Transformers intros

So… watching these Transformers through time has been relevatory.

Like… how did Transformers fans not die of collective embarrassment during the 90’s? I know there are Beast Wars fans… but the really terrible CGI should have put a lot of people on edge. (Which it did back when I was growing up.) And those anime themes. Oh, those anime themes, with those girls who have candy colored hair and kawaii animal mascots and absolutely bizarre soft rock standards that start with the words “Love Is Here.” Whaaaa—!?!?!?!?!

I noticed and audible improvement during the 2000’s, when the original theme made its triumphant return. Sure, there was the inevitable rap version, but still… blessed, blessed relief. (Though it seems to be going to concept pieces again lately, what with the Star Trek sounding theme of TF Prime and the kid appeal intro to Rescue Bots.)