From the shadows

I got creative with the lighting on this set… with mixed results. I shot these pictures in the dark, but stood the bots on an iPad at full brightness running the flashlight app. Above or behind, I had my iPhone on the flashlight setting (which keeps the flash on constantly until you turn it off) to catch the light piping. Photos were taken with no flash. In retrospect, I should’ve increased the exposure — the lightpiping was not quite as bright as I wanted. I did like the lighting for most of the photos, though: the lighting from the bottom had the effect of lighting the angles on the torso, but keeping the head dark. As if the bots were appearing from the depths of Hell itself. I had to apply some filters, though, since in some of the cases the photos were too dark.

It was a fun experiment in any case, and it gives me some ideas on how I’m going to apply this concept further. I think keeping the bots in the dark gives them a sense of life, as if they were moving within the shadows and not plastic static statues.