All hail Jetstorm

Jetstorm is pretty much the last Beast Machines Transformer I own. I loved Megatron, but I sold him off for being too small. (Megatron should never be tiny when stood up against his compatriots.) And, like I mentioned earlier, Blackarachnia most likely got taken home by a little girl who probably likes spiders.

Jetstorm has a pretty major problem in that his pecs don’t lock in robot form. Those things will go flying open at the slightest touch. It made making these pictures a little bit of a challenge, since I had to go back and peg them in place over and over again. I started to feel like Lord Business from the Lego Movie trying to get Bad Cop’s mom and dad into place. Oh, for a dab of Kragle!

I love him, though, because he, like a lot of Beast Machine toys, is full of hidden surprises. For example, the first thing I did when I got a set of toy stands was to pose Jetstorm in hover mode — legs pegged together, rocket boosters shooting out at and angle in a star shape. It makes him look wonderfully ominous. I even downloaded an iPhone app just to get those little flames coming out of his rockets.

Also, not shown here, but in airplane mode his cockpit can pop forward and he can look like a robo-eagle with a long, stretchy neck. Why? Because it’s cool, that’s why!

Another thing I love is that great looking arrangement around his head — four fins sticking out like some sort of Final Fantasy boss monster. It makes him look very distinct and very pointy. (It looks really great when projected as a shadow.)

I like to think that this aesthetic is what carried over to the Michael Bay movies, and quite possibly explains why I rather like those designs when others seem to be revolted. There’s a lot of imagination and play value to be had with this guy.