Me, Grimlock!

Fall of Cybertron Grimlock seems to be hitting stores in waves again after being relatively scarce for a year. I got him not too long ago after prices dropped back to a manageable level on Amazon. He’s one of those molds that seems to suffer some swings in reputation.

The good: he looks pretty great in both molds at certain angles, and that sword is pretty killer.

The bad: that unfortunate hole in the underbelly, the general thinness of all the plastic, and those inscrutable shoulders.

I pretty much went through all those phases of grief, but I’ve come back to liking him again because, darn it, he does look good in photos. Plus I think I’ve finally figured out how those shoulders work. The best thing about FoC Grimlock is that he’s a very simple transformation, so if you want him battlin’ Starscream in robot mode of talking like a little kid in dino mode, it’s only a few seconds to set up the scene. I cannot say that for 90% of my collection.

Anyway, I know I’ve talked about him before… so enjoy some recent photos I took and put up on Instagram.