Ripclaw, smash!





I hadn’t really planned on getting on the Beast Hunters bandwagon, despite all the molds looking pretty fantastic. And now… well, I have several. The Terrorcons, who are adorable. Beast Hunters Arcee, because I missed out on the original version. Predaking, because everyone needs a giant dragon thing (and I adore that tree-like headsculpt). And now… this lovely lady.

I pretty much got Ripclaw solely because she is one of the few female Transformers ever released. They’re my weakness. Tell me it’s a lady, and I’m snatching it up because they are so just dang rare. Oh, she doesn’t really look like one, other than the svelte shape. But even Classics Mirage is slimmer. (Though that mold got remade as Fracture, an homage to the Gobot Crasher, so… maybe Mirage just has some ladylike hips.)

Anyway, I’ve not been disappointed yet by the Beast Hunters line. They’ve all been fun in their own ways, and Ripclaw is no different. Her transformation reminds me a lot of G1 Grimlock, what with the next cowling opening up to expose the head.

What’s even better is that she’s got so much posability. I love discovering her alternate modes. My favorite is probably sticking up her dragon head above her regular head like she’s an extra on the Broadway version of “Lion King.” Gal had loads of style… and a nice long tail to help her balance when standing on my shelves! The only problem is that I can’t seem to close the gap near her abdomen when she’s in dragon mode. It’s probably by design… but why couldn’t they have designed those cowls a little larger to cover the gap?

Anyway, dragon-formers are fun, Beast Hunters is fun, and they won’t set you back by too much.