Hot Rod army… To war!


The first issue of the Simon Furman run of the Transformers comic was … #100, actually. How could I resist? I heard there was an army of Hot Rods in it. Hot Rod is one of my favorite Transformers, and he’s probably second only to Ratchet in my all time list. So when I read that there was a scene where Hot Rods from all multiverses formed an army… including the Animated, current IDW-verse, and Alternators versions… I’m sorry, it just scratched an itch that I didn’t know I had.

Plus Hot Rod gets one of the most moving scenes in all of Transformers comics. Now, I may not read another Simon Furman comic again… but dang it, he did right by my boy.

Plus he totally justified me having two Hot Rod figures.

And now to collect the rest. You got me, Furman! Ya got me!