Revoltech Rodimus





I hadn’t really been planning to get into Revoltechs. They don’t turn into cars or planes or beasts and thus are more or less just statues to me. However, a combination of 1.) wanting to do some stop motion video and 2.) seeing some sweet Revoltechs on Instagram made me reevaluate my once hard-lined stance. I picked up a nice Rodimus online. It could have been anyone, really, but Rodimus was going for cheap. Besides, a lot of the Revoltechs going for my price range were of the sexy anime girl types, and my wife is already pretty suspicious of my Beast Machines Blackarachnia.

And of course, the first thing I did was break it. Not as badly as when I broke Skids, mind you, as it was reparable. The set comes with a multiple set of hands, including one for pointing, so like a noob I yanked at the hand to try to pull it out. No dice. The fist pulled off, but the peg stayed in place. Fortunately, other people online had encountered the same problem. It turns out that fist is just glued onto that friggin’ peg, and it comes off easy. So a little liquid cement from my kit fixed that problem.

The more pertinent problem was… how do you get that peg out? I really, really wanted Rodimus to be pointing and/or giving the thumbs up. I took tweezers and a molding knife to try to pull it out, but it remained budged. I ended up scratching the silver finish, too. (Fortunately, it’s located underneath the fist, and isn’t that visible.) As it turns out, Revoltechs are made to be disassembled. You take out the elbow cowling, take out the ball joint, and you can push the peg out from the other side. Ah, durrrr.

Anyway, the balljoints and fittings vary in quality. While the one hand was impossible to remove, the other was not so finnicky. One leg stays in place. The other falls off at the slightest vibration.

All in all, though… he’s a pretty sweet dude. My regular Rodimus (the transforming one) is a bit of a brick. And one that one, the slightest movement of his arm will have it falling off. This one, though, can pull off a convincing disco dance. He’s also far more photogenic. His head his a bit undersized, though, as if he had a chance encounter with that witch doctor from Beetlejuice.

I might dip into Revoltechs again, but it likely won’t be a Transformer. Maybe creepy-faced Woody? Or that Amazon box? I do like the posing, but for the most part I still abide by the law that Transformers should transform into something.