I finally have Thrust! No, not that one.




I’ve always wanted to own a Thrust. I love his seeker look, and I like those VTOL things on his wings. The only thing I’m not really a fan of are his drab colors. I saw the Classics version of him at TRU and I’m still kicking myself over not picking him up. Heck, I even like the weirdo movie version of him.

So it’s kind of a surprise, to me, anyway, that my first Thrust I own… is the motorcycle. Meet Beast Machines Thrust, from the line that every Transformers fan tell you to stay away from.

Me, I adore the Beast Machines. Every line brings something new to the table. Beast Wars brought articulation. The Unicron Trilogy brought Mini-cons. Beast Machines brought in fun little mini-transformations that formed cool new alt modes. Jetstorm, for example, had that cool hover mode which is still one of my favorite transformations of all time. BlackArachnia could skitter around on for legs if that’s the thing you’re into.

And Thrust here? That alt mode is what got me to plunk down my cash on him. Thrust can clip his legs to form a unicycle. Now… that’s not what’s recommended in the literature. The official alt mode is to have him scoot around on all three wheels like he’s on a tricycle or something. LAME! My man Thrust here is the king of balance and precision. You should see him juggling three balls while he’s perched upon the perilous single wheel. Tricycle mode. Bah, Hasbro, you’re not telling me what alt modes I can and cannot make.

And, well, I adore the color scheme. He screams late 90’s, early 2000’s, when the world was just shaking off its goth period and was discovering colors all over again. It sorta reminds me a little of the garishness of the late 80’s… but that purple and yellow color scheme seems more modern to me. I love the green missile thing that comes with him, too. It’s very complementary. And … mmmm… DAT CHROME.

If I had any complaints though, it seems that chest piece/motorcycle windshield pops off way too easily. I guess it’s that way to prevent permanent damage when you’re forming the arms (which clash right into the handlebars of that thing). Still, I wish the fit was a little more snug.

That’s being nit-picky, though. Thrust is an awesome class act, and he’s going to look great posed next to Jetstorm being total Vehicon bros.