Those racist robots

So I made my last Transformers purchase for the time being. (Until Arcee, Windblade, and… OK, yeah, I’m going to cave and get those movie Dinobots.) It was those racist robots from Revenge of the Fallen: Skids and Mudflap. The purchase was based solely on the fact that they can turn into an ice cream truck, the greatest alt mode of all.

Well, I got my box today, opened it and… it was one of those planes from the movie “Planes.” Now, there is a chance that I came out ahead in this transaction: why settle for racist robots when you can get a living plane! With eyes! In its cockpit! Shoot, he’s probably the immediate ancestor to the Transformers, right?

Still, ice cream truck. (Not to mention that a Plane plane is worth more than a Transformer. EVER.)

It’s also the first ever screwed up purchase I’ve ever had from a vendor on Amazon. Sure, I’ve had trouble with eBay vendors before, but Amazon vendors have usually been pretty reliable. You have failed me, big smiley box. Failed me big time.