With apologies to Dr. Smoov

    “Hey, Prime!  It’s me… Bumblebee!” “Bumblebee!  My small little friend.  You look… different.” “Yeah!  I just got totally rebuilt!  I feel better than ever!  I feel like a gold bug!” “Ha… Continue reading

Warpath: The People’s Hero

You ever noticed how Warpath looks like he might what a Transformer would look like if designed by the Soviet propaganda department?  Well… I don’t want to say that this photo set was… Continue reading

Yup, this is definitely on my wishlist

I admit I had some hesitation over Windblade.  Characters being chosen by poll seems like a poor way to sell toys.  (Although, to be fair, that’s what got Sgt. Slaughter on the GI… Continue reading

More IDW Transformers toys to spend your hard earned Shanix on!

Originally posted on BIG COMIC PAGE:
There’s been a lot of Marvel toy news coming out of New York Toy Fair so far, but that isn’t the only comic-related toy line coming from…

Pre-Toy Fair Transformers: Age of Extinction Reveals!


Top Ten Sexiest Transformers

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This means that everyone and their mother will be creating the ultimate in clickbait: top ten Valentine’s Day lists. I admit this is going to… Continue reading

Your bits are showing, Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow (formerly known by the much cooler “Black Shadow”) is the very definition of a flawed figure that I don’t mind having because he looks great. If you turn his head, it… Continue reading

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #2

More Than Meets The Eye #2 gets started with the Lost Light pulling a Voyager and ending in an unknown part of space. This sets up a conundrum where the crew has no… Continue reading

Dare to be stupid with Wreck-Gar

Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar has been on my wish list for a while now. I had it in my mind to get all the 1986 movie Transformers at some point. Wreck-Gar can now… Continue reading

The Freakin Geek: AoE Optimus Prime

The Freakin Geek gets his hands on the first toy of the Age of Extinction line: the totally chromed out, kinda knock-off looking Optimus Prime … with SWORD OF JUDGMENT. I gotta say,… Continue reading