Love the ‘Bee

Bumblebee was never really one of my favorite characters. He overshadowed most everyone on the original cartoon. And then he became the defacto face of the Michael Bay Transformers movie. Still, you have… Continue reading

Robots win, Kevin Costner loses in the Battle of the Super Bowl Movie Spots

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Robots win, Kevin Costner loses in the Battle of the Super Bowl Movie Spots SOURCE: Way To Blue Last night the Seahawks may have flown away with victory…

Big Dumb Toy Review: Lio Convoy

Oscar’s humor is definitely not for everyone.  However, if you like parodies of toy reviews, then these are the videos for you.  In this one, Oscar reviews Lio Convoy, a figure that I’ve… Continue reading

Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl trailer

Two thoughts about the Super Bowl: My Seattle Seahawks totally dominated baby!  Woo!  All that money I dropped on swag that could’ve been dropped on Transformers did not go to waste! Now to… Continue reading

Optimus Prime: hero or psychopath?

It’s kind of interesting that even four years after it left theaters, the ending of Transformers: Dark of the Moon can still cause controversy. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t see it yet!)… Continue reading

Posing toys

For some reason, I got into this weird kick of photographing my action figures lately. It started when I decided to put Blitzwing up for sale. He needed some pizzazz on the listing.… Continue reading

Thoughts about Drift

News broke recently that Drift is the mysterious Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse in the Transformers 4 movie. The rumors were confirmed after extensive analysis of the only reliable source online: 2014 Halloween costume… Continue reading

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #1

The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m not really all that invested in the IDW Transformers universe. The cartoons, aimed at children, usually line things up with good guys… Continue reading

New Thew Video!

Perhaps most responsible for my late Transformers collecting is Thew Adams, who has some wildly entertaining toy reviews on YouTube. The latest review takes a look at the Thrilling 30 release of Whirl,… Continue reading

Autobots! Roll Out!

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Words can not express how hard I’m geeking on this right now! BriAbby is indeed bonafide bad ass! The face mask is removable. REMOVABLE!