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Those racist robots

So I made my last Transformers purchase for the time being. (Until Arcee, Windblade, and… OK, yeah, I’m going to cave and get those movie Dinobots.) It was those racist robots from Revenge… Continue reading

I finally have Thrust! No, not that one.

I’ve always wanted to own a Thrust. I love his seeker look, and I like those VTOL things on his wings. The only thing I’m not really a fan of are his drab… Continue reading

Revoltech Rodimus

I hadn’t really been planning to get into Revoltechs. They don’t turn into cars or planes or beasts and thus are more or less just statues to me. However, a combination of 1.)… Continue reading

Ripclaw, smash!

I hadn’t really planned on getting on the Beast Hunters bandwagon, despite all the molds looking pretty fantastic. And now… well, I have several. The Terrorcons, who are adorable. Beast Hunters Arcee, because… Continue reading

Me, Grimlock!

Fall of Cybertron Grimlock seems to be hitting stores in waves again after being relatively scarce for a year. I got him not too long ago after prices dropped back to a manageable… Continue reading

Low shots and close-ups of plastic toys

I’m sending this in to the Daily Post for their Perspective challenge. The absolute fun of toy photography — and why I got into it in the first place — is that creativity… Continue reading

Bayformers, transform

I can’t make a claim to this observation, but someone noted that kids growing up these days are going to look at the movie Transformers (derisively called “Bayformers” by some critics) the same… Continue reading

All hail Jetstorm

Jetstorm is pretty much the last Beast Machines Transformer I own. I loved Megatron, but I sold him off for being too small. (Megatron should never be tiny when stood up against his… Continue reading

Walking with Terrorcons

From the shadows

I got creative with the lighting on this set… with mixed results. I shot these pictures in the dark, but stood the bots on an iPad at full brightness running the flashlight app.… Continue reading

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